What does Van Keulen Heftrucks

Van Keulen Heftrucks BV specialises in the sale and purchase of new and used forklifts. Since its foundation in 1998, Van Keulen has been your partner in the area of reliable used forklifts. Van Keulen takes quality very seriously, which is why all of our forklifts are in outstanding condition. We are a member of the VeBIT ( a trade organisation for internal transport and a division of the Metaalunie) and have been accredited as a VeBIT inspection company since 19 April 1999. 


New in sale

H35D-02 NO:4568

H35D-02 NO:4568
Brand: LINDE
Type: H35D-02 NO:4568

New for rent

NO:3955 5FD25

NO:3955 5FD25
Type: NO:3955 5FD25


Van Keulen Heftrucks B.V.
Randweg 21
8304 AS Emmeloord
The Netherlands

T +31 (0)527 61 20 99
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M +31 (0)6 510 668 93

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